IT Threats Faced By Businesses

Ensuring computers systems are secure from both internal and external threats is more important than ever. Many threats to a business come from internal staff and therefore having well configured and secure systems is vital to ensure that your data is protected.

External threats, from spammers with malicious attachments, remote hackers, online payloads and viruses are prevalent in today’s IT landscape. G3 not only install security systems from the World’s leading providers but also regularly review and maintain customer’s systems to ensure on-going protection from new threats as they develop.

IT Security image

G3’s IT Security Services

  • Network Security Reviews
  • Antivirus and Antispam Solutions
  • Web filtering and device control
  • Firewall supply and configuration
  • PCI Compliance Assistance
  • Two factor authentication
  • Remote access control
  • Data encryption and protection
  • Vulnerability Scanning

G3 provide a comprehensive range of services and solutions to combat today’s security risks. We also provide network and system reviews for businesses, pointing out their areas of risk and offering suggestions and recommendations of how to overcome those.