We have worked with G3 for many years now and highly recommend both their professional approach and wide range of technical expertise.

They act as an external auditor/security adviser to our Trust. The internal  IT team deals with day to day issues of over 250 users, monitoring systems etc but by contracting  G3:

– we get backup in times of crisis

– we get access to expertise where there are gaps of knowledge or manpower.  This is cost effective as it keeps numbers of staff to a minimum but does not replace them

– we get reassurance on governance issues as a whole

– we have a proactive system of monitoring and auditing

– we get up to date info and advice on technology advances

G3 makes sure they understand the issues and setup for our particular network demands so that the helpdesk is able to support appropriately.

We also do a great deal of hardware purchasing through their own supply contacts making the process much more simple.

This approach seems a cost-effective way to supplement our existing team with added value particularly for a charity.