System backups are vital for businesses and organisations, not having sufficient backups and testing procedures in place could ultimately lead to catastrophic data loss.

We always recommend that our customers should have at least two forms of backups; firstly an onsite backup, typically taking a full system image allowing for fast recovery of the entire system in the event of a major systems failure. Secondly it is essential that all businesses have an offsite backup, to protect from the less likely but more severe situations such as fire, theft and flood.

Bespoke IT Backup Solutions

We call upon a comprehensive range of solutions to provide bespoke backup systems for our customers. We will typically discuss how much downtime and data loss is acceptable in a worst case scenario and then from that conversation put together solutions which will at a minimum achive that level of protection.

On a regular basis we undergo backup and disaster recovery testing for our customers ensuring that the important data is actually recoverable.

Looking to improve your backups and recovery systems?