Outstanding IT Support Services

G3 Solutions have a dedicated team of IT systems engineers on standby to resolve systems issues and typically the person that answers the phone is the person that fixes the issue. The types of problems we get involved with range from minor desktop computer user issues to complex networking and server issues which in house personnel have either struggled to resolve or don’t have the time to. We prioritise issues in order of severity, ensuring we are always focusing our resources on the problems which are most disruptive to our customers.

We have an excellent record when it comes to support, our expert support desk speaks directly to business owners, IT managers and end users on a day to day basis and can converse at all levels. Read on to find out more about the support services we offer.

 Remote and Onsite IT Support

Most issues we come across can be fixed remotely which provides our customers with a fast and cost effective solution to their computer and network problems.

On occasions where we need to attend site to resolve a problem we will do so quickly. Most of our team work both in the office and out on the road, so typically the person that was dealing with the issue on the phone will be the person that comes to resolve the problem onsite.

Since we started we have never had a complaint about our support levels, our engineers are fast, friendly and keep customers updated about the progress of support calls. We try to deliver support in the way we would like to be supported, that is fast and efficient whilst being friendly and personable.

If you’ve had a bad experience with your current support provider why not try us out to see how we compare.

Server Systems Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance

Most businesses organisations rely so heavily on their IT systems that simply being reactive to issues isn’t enough. For many of our customers we pro-actively look for potential problems using systems monitoring tools and regular planned maintenance visits.

By keeping systems up to date and patched, with backups being regularly tested and the core network being monitored in real time we are able to greatly reduce disruption to our customers caused through issues which are foreseeable.

For any customer who wants to minimise downtime, we always recommend systems monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Server Hardware Support and Sourcing EOL Equipment

When business critical systems come out of their manufacturers warranty period we look to place those onto a hardware support contract. We have access to a nationwide network of hardware support engineers who are on standby to deal with failed components. Having access to millions of pounds worth of spare parts for new and legacy systems allow us to get to and resolve issues quickly and within pre-defined service levels.

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